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What is The Emotion Code?

The Emotion Code is an effective form of holistic energy session designed (by Dr. Brad Nelson) to get to the root cause of emotional difficulties, physical discomforts and inhibiting blockages by restoring balance in the body.

This therapy technique releases trapped emotions. As a result, it can restore energy flow in the body allowing improvement to take place. So, your emotional, spiritual and physical struggles may become more reasonable and fade away. Therefore, we believe removing emotional baggage allows you to be more of who you are and can transform your relationships, success, health, connection with others and yourself etc.

Unblock Emotional Trauma

What Are Trapped Emotions?

Trapped emotions are left over energies that are stuck in your body from past emotional experiences which were too difficult for you to fully process at the time. To clarify, in order to protect you, your subconscious mind saves them to process later. It's a method that most people are unaware of. Consequently, everyone has a unique collection of trapped emotions referred to as “Emotional Baggage.”

Who Can The Emotion Code Help?

We are helping people improve the following issues.

  • Lack of Energy
  • Digestive Issues
  • Pain
  • Trouble Connecting with Others
  • Anxiousness, Sadness, Fear etc.
  • Lack of Mobility
  • Physical Discomforts
  • Unhappy
  • Stress/Anxiety
  • Poor Focus
  • Poor Habits
  • Lack of Abundance
  • Trouble Sleeping

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Restore Balance, Release Emotional Baggage

What To Expect During An Emotion Code Session?

The Emotion Code is a gentle and safe process. During the session you simply relax.

First, we can work on your most pressing issue or the trapped emotions that need to be released the most. Second, using kinesiology (muscle testing) we ask your subconscious specific yes or no questions to identify the trapped emotion. Third, with my intention a magnet is used down the Governing Meridian (main energy channel in the body) and the emotion is released. It takes seconds and the results can be amazing!!

We are pure energy including our thoughts, emotions and intentions. Magnets are energy. They are used because it's been shown to magnify our intention which is enough to produce a change in the body.

Release Trapped Emotions

What Happens After The Emotion Code Session?

After a session, many users of the Emotion Code report an immediate mental, spiritual or emotional change. It takes the body two full days to fully process the release. During which time you may feel a little tired as the process can be heavy. For example, if you release a trapped emotion of sorrow, you could feel more sorrow during the processing stage.

The body is able to release up to 10 trapped emotions per session. So, it may take 1 or more sessions when working on a specific issue; energy healing happens in layers and does take time. However, it's been shown that some do experience results in just one session!

Having an Emotion Code Session can help you feel more energetic, open to receive love, happier, more creative, calmer, lighter and possibly less physical discomfort.

Disclaimer: This technique is not intended to diagnose or treat any health condition. Please consult your doctor for personalized medical advice.

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