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Tips To Stay Vegan, Gluten & Sugar Free When Visiting Friends & Family

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December 4, 2019
Maintain Vegan Gluten Free Lifestyle

When I decided to change my eating habits and eat clean, my main concern was how to maintain my healthy lifestyle when visiting friends and family, without offending anyone or develop a reputation of being a pain. However, I believe when something feels right and you are passionate about it, it is worth any obstacles. Especially, when it comes to your health and wellbeing. You need to do what is best for you! Therefore, I was determined to not allow this new lifestyle to interfere with my relationships. Above all, I managed to come up with helpful tips to stay vegan, gluten and sugar free when visiting friends and family.

Tips To Stay Vegan, Gluten & Sugar Free When Visiting Friends & Family

1. Inform People Of Your Diet Before Visiting

A few weeks after making my lifestyle change, we had plans to visit friends for the weekend. I decided honesty was the best policy and I informed our friends of my new eat clean lifestyle in which they were very supportive of course.

This made me realize that I had to change my attitude. Your true friends and family want what's best for you. For instance, if you had recently been on a diet and lost over 100lbs they would congratulate you and of course would be happy to accommodate whatever diet was working for you. The response from most people would be “Keep It Up” or “Good For You!!!” Thus, you should receive the same response if you are eating clean to heal or simply maintain optimum health and a disease free body.

To sum, it is most considerate to inform those you are visiting at least a week before, so they have time to consider you when planning their menu.

2. Prepare Food To Take With You

If you are travelling or visiting friends, let them know that you are vegan & gluten free and inform them you are bringing a meal for yourself. I do this because it takes the stress off of them trying to figure out how to prepare their favourite meals and still try to accommodate you.

Also, because my husband is happy to eat whatever delicious meals they prepare for our visit, I always bring a dish for everyone to share. Most importantly, you still want to have good manners and let your friends know you appreciate them.

3. Offer To Bring A Side Dish

Most of my family and friends are aware of my lifestyle and are incredibly supportive. Thus, they usually share the dinner menu with me. If there are some items I can eat, I will volunteer to bring a vegan and gluten free dish to share. It's always yummy and no one knows the difference.

Most importantly, you don't feel centered out and you are contributing to an awesome dinner.

4. Suggest Eating Out For Dinner & You Pick The Restaurant

Having great friends and family is a blessing and it's important to spend quality time with them. So, when approached by friends to together for dinner and they ask “when are you available?”

I always suggest a time and that we go out for dinner because everyone can choose what they want to eat. However, before suggesting a restaurant, I make sure they have vegan/gluten free choices or that I can substitute items and of course that there are yummy choices for everyone.

This always works and we have an amazing time!!

Maintain Vegan Lifestyle While Visiting Friends

5. Invite Them To Your Place For Dinner

The easiest way to socialize when dining with your friends and family is to invite them to dinner because you create the menu. Most of my family and my husband are carnivores. Thus, I always have meat on the menu along with traditional favourites and dishes that I can enjoy as well. No one is the wiser and always get compliments!

The menu always includes:

Meat (Hormone & Antibiotic Free If Possible)

Potato, Rice, or Rice Pasta


Veggie Dish

Traditional Dessert

Vegan/Gluten & Sugar Free Dessert

6. Visit Friends Mid-Morning or Evening

If you want to visit friends or family that live close by and wish to avoid meal time. I suggest going after breakfast or after supper. This way, you don't have to burden them for a meal and can treat them with a fruit tray or something fun. As a result, you have a wonderful visit without any pressure.


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