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8 Best Tips To De-Stress Your Home

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July 5, 2019
Declutter to Destress Home

Many people today struggle to create a home life that feels good. They get caught up in the day to day responsibilities of work, family, community commitments and financial pressures leaving no time left for themselves or relaxation.  Thus, their home environment begins to feel stressful and cluttered. Discover the 8 best tips to de-stress your home.

8 Best Tips To De-Stress Your Home Life

1. Declutter Your House

Declutter Destresses Your Home

The items in your home have emotions attached to them, good or bad. Too much stuff creates a feeling of overload which can cause discomfort in your own home. Most importantly, consistent stress effects relationships, job performance, sleep habits, happiness and can lead to disease.

We require as much relaxation as we do sleep to maintain good health and sustain a fulfilling lifestyle. Therefore, decluttering is one of the 8 best ways to de-stress your home life.

Marie Kondo emphasizes that, “Once you learn to choose your belongings properly, you will be left only with the amount that fits perfectly in the space you currently own.”

2. Take Control Of Finances

Control Finances Stress Free

Today, finances are a major cause of tension in the home. However, you can free yourself by getting control of your finances. First and most importantly, eliminate debt. There is no greater feeling than being debt free. Second, build a savings even if you have to start out small and put away $20 a week. Third, sell, give away or get rid of every single item you do not need. Fourth, stop spending and analyze if you really need the item, before making a purchase. In conclusion, eliminating financial strain will provide tranquility in your home.

For numerous ideas on how to save and get out of debt, go to the master of saving, Michelle at Making Sense of Cents.

3. Unplug From Technology

Too Much Technology Causes Stress

We are constantly checking our smartphones for emails, texts and alerts. Social media fills us in on everything that is happening all around us. However, interactions can be positive or negative. There is a percentage of people that experience jealousy, loneliness and discontent after viewing others success, happiness and family vacations. It is best to turn off your phone for a few hours each night. As a result, you will create contentment in your own life.

4. Put Away As You Go

cleanse house from clutter

Put way as you go! People get busy and it is very easy to messy up a space by leaving items out. Including unfinished laundry, dirty dishes, papers/mail, coats/bags/shoes etc. Your home will be in disarray, in a few short days. In turn, causing feelings of tension and anxiety the moment you walk in the door, after a busy day. In addition, when it accumulates it becomes a make work project that takes more time to clean in the long run, than it does to put away as you go.

5. Create A Comfortable Bed

proper made bed better sleep relaxation

The most important part of your home life should include eight hours of sleep a night. This is tough for many people to maintain with children, work and obligations. Especially, if your home life is chaotic which is why you need to create a bed that looks and feels luxurious. You will sleep better and feel well rested. Therefore, providing better coping skills when faced with stressful situations outside the home.

Check out my great tips on How To Create The Perfect Designer Bed.

6. Don't Take On More Than You Can Handle

Reduce Stress Anxiety

So many people today take on more than they can handle, when it comes to their home life. For instance, many people have an enormous home, an overwhelming social schedule, work and children activities leaving them only one free night a week at home. They are beyond stressed trying to keep up their lifestyle with the enormous cost and maintenance on their home. This is a major stresser for so many people. However, there are a few solutions to eliminating the strain. Simply, unload their schedule or hire people to do all of the maintenance or downsize to a smaller home to minimize cost and upkeep. In short, live larger with less obligations and you will free yourself from stress.

7. Create A Zen Space

Create Zen Space Reduce Anxiety

I will say it again! We work so hard fulfilling our obligations to ensure our life doesn't fall apart, that we sometimes forget the obligation to ourselves. Like a battery, our energy runs out and we need to recharge. A great way to clear your mind and recharge is to create a Zen Space in your home. A space, where you can escape to and be alone. Cleansing your mind is like cleansing your home; it provides peace and calmness. Above all, we would be much more relaxed, efficient and happy if we are running at optimum health.

Bring Nature inside to de-stress

8. Bring Nature Into Your Space

Bringing nature inside, is another great way to de-stress your home. In fact, there are specific plants that enhance relaxation and help air quality I.E. Aloe Vera, Spider, English Ivy etc. In addition, studies have shown that adding greens in an environment can decrease stress.

Plants and flowers are also a great way to express yourself creatively. For instance, flattering your space with an orchid or plant in your favourite trendy pot, will make you feel good!

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